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Welcome to  Illusions where we turn your everyday, normal concrete into art.

Your options at Illusions are only as limited as your imagination.  Designs may be simple or as elaborate as you wish.  

Our most common projects involve giving concrete floor the illusion of wood, tile or stone.  However, more elaborate, creative projects are well within our abilities.  We have a highly skilled team of professionals that can make patterns for any design, logo or team mascot that you desire. 


We engrave patio's, driveways, and sidewalks into paver brick, fieldstone, and other creative designs.  Turn your driveway into a basketball court, or engrave any logo into your garage floor.  These are just some of the endlesss options made possible by Illusions. 

Finish off the lower level of your home with one of the floors we offer.  This can add square footage and living space at a low cost to you which is very ealsily cleaned up; perfect if your sump pump fails.  With the mold concerns prevalent in this area of the country, staining your basement floor versus using carpet or tile is a great solution.

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